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Month: January 2019

7 Reasons Why You Should Play Guitar

Sometimes, you’ll wonder if playing the guitar can change our lives in profound ways. Don’t worry, that question that comes into your mind is going to be answered once and for all. 

Believe it or not, the brain of a guitarist is a bit different than a normal person’s. There are speculations that it’s more of those of a genius. However, it is scientifically proven through many pieces of evidence. 

So here are some of the benefits that you can reap from playing the guitar. Make sure to read until the end. 

Improve Your Concentration and Memory 

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Let’s start with the most well-known benefit of guitar playing. To play the guitar, muscle memory is critical. When you pluck out a tune, your brain is stimulated and it affects your muscle memory while enhancing it. 

Improve the Mood in the Room 

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It’s undeniable that instruments can lighten up the mood around you, but you can’t exactly bring out a piano in your backyard, can you? A guitar is perfect because you can carry it anywhere. 

Improve Arithmetic and Comprehension Skills 

pexels photo - 7 Reasons Why You Should Play Guitar

To be a musician, music theory is essential. But did you know that music theory is founded on mathematical concepts? You will also find a new language through learning music theory, widening your reading comprehension. 

Improve Coordination

When it comes to instruments, coordination is part of the package. When playing the guitar, you must coordinate both your hands while using your eyes to read the notes at the same time. 

Improve Your Health 

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I’m sure you’ve noticed that your arm, wrist, and forearm can sometimes hurt when playing the guitar. Well, it’s obviously because it’s being exercised. That means playing the guitar is better than doing nothing with your arms. 

Uplift Creativity and Spirits 

pexels photo 1536619 - 7 Reasons Why You Should Play Guitar

For some people, the guitar is like their comfort zone. If you have something weighing you down, give it up through playing the guitar. It’s a very soothing way to get rid of problems, even if only temporary. 

Improve Your Confidence 

pexels photo 1536892 - 7 Reasons Why You Should Play Guitar

Playing the guitar is not that easy. So if you know that you’ve come so far as to master it is a huge achievement. I don’t have to tell you that, but I’m sure your confidence will be boosted after learning how to play the guitar. 

Although those are a lot of benefits, there is one thing that you should remember – your experience with the guitar will last forever. That might be the best benefit you’ll get. 

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